Missouri Legislature black caucus supports HYMC

Peter Kinder is promoting the mission of the Honorable Young Men Club.  HYMC began in 2016, with its four original co-founders (Kweku Arkorful, Cantrell Andrews, Wyky Jean and Aaron Adeoye).  Since 2016, the organization has garnered recognition across the State of Missouri.  Another step forward for HYMC occurred with the involvement of Peter Kinder, the former Lt. Governor of the State of Missouri, in September 2019.

“Peter reached out to me in late summer.  We met over lunch and he told me about how he believed in HYMC and wanted to help take this effort to the State level and beyond,” says Kweku.  “We really appreciate his continued support and involvement in what we’re doing with these young men.”

After their meeting, Peter Kinder was instrumental in bringing the Black Caucus of the Missouri State Legislature down to Cape Girardeau (click here to read more).  The caucus members saw for themselves what the co-founders managed to build since 2016.

The tour began at the Cape Girardeau Central High School campus, in the theater.

“These young men are making serious, measurable differences in the lives of these teenage young men who are at risk, in our Cape Girardeau Public Schools.  And I’m very excited about the work their doing.  I think it is transformational.  I think what we have here is a national story unfolding in our own community here in Cape Girardeau.” says Peter Kinder.

2020 is shaping up to be a significant year for Honorable Young Men Club.  Going into its fourth year of operation in the Cape Girardeau Public School System, the organization has received the attention of supporters across the State of Missouri.  The co-founders hope this will encourage the further expansion of their model.