Our Mission


HYMC Empowerment, Inc. is dedicated to creating a community where we empower young men to reach their full potential — in an effort to help shape the direction of their lives.

The Problem

Many young men in our community miss out on learning critical life skills needed in life to handle emotions, work and finding balance among relationships.

The Solution

HYMC instills a strong sense of ethics, accountability and the need to have a plan. Young men are taught our Core Values, and leave having learned lessons they’ll carry for the rest of their lives.

Changing Lives


We help young men learn how to become men. Every young man will know that if they believe they can become a leader or succeed in business, they can achieve it. Many young men in our community haven’t been taught the life skills necessary for making their dreams and goals a reality. Teaching these skills is what our mentors do for our students.

What People Are Saying

Our goal is to shape young men into men, and make families happy.

Community Outreach
HYMC is committed to serving our communities and teaching our kids to be servants if they ever want to be leaders.

Job Shadowing
We help our kids find their calling in life and also help them gain hands-on experience.

Learning Trips
It's crucial our students experience as much as possible in our communities and become familiar with those that lead them.

Life Coaching
It's important our kids learn how to develop their personal brand early in life. We teach them the only way to change the world is through discipline and hard work.

Meal Etiquette
Engaging with people over beverages and food is a life lesson our kids will use for the rest of their lives. Manners maketh the man.

Health Awareness
Learning how to navigate what is a healthy behavior, whether it's food or emotions or physical, is critical knowledge for living a well-lived life.

News & Events

Learn more about our events and what we’re doing.


We Have a Passion for Success

The mentors want to inspire positive outcomes by providing preparation and creating opportunity, encouraging our young men to seek purpose, as well as help build leaders in their communities.

Give back to your community.

By donating to HYMC Empowerment, Inc., you help to ensure our organization has the resources to continue in our work to provide training and experiences to the students working alongside our mentors.