Dr. Anthony Robinson, Superintendent of Sikeston Public School District

HYMC has been a welcomed addition to our intervention programs.  Our mentors are great and have established positive relationships with our students and parents.  HYMC is impacting student academic performance and student attendance.  I appreciate that our mentors provide students with new and different learning experiences that push students to dream big.

Mrs. Wigfall, CMS Pupil Support

I can always tell what day it is! It’s HYMC Day at CMS!  I observe these young men with collard shirts, ties, and sometimes a full suit.  Not only do their clothes speak volumes, but it is also the extra pep of mature confidence seen in their walk.  I can always tell what day it … Read More

Ms. Pearson, CMS Teacher

Seeing the Mentors makes my heart smile.  They always bring a lot positive and motivating energy to their surroundings.

Mrs. Diane Meyr, CJHS ELA Teacher

Students are engaged, have a desire to want to learn, they sit up a little straighter, and are trying to do better in school.  The magic is happening.  These students want to do well for their mentors and in turn, want to do well for themselves.  It’s all thanks to The Honorable Young Men Club.

Mrs. Carla Fee, CJHS Principal

The HYMC mentoring program has been an extremely positive experience for the young men in our junior high building!  The mentors conduct organized lessons, organize field trips, lead summer camps and push into classes.